Read, Right, & Run Marathon - GO! St. Louis

Thank you to all our runners! Results for the Greater St. Louis Marathon are posted here.

Program Outline

The Read, Right, & Run Marathon® (RRRM) is a national award-winning program that integrates literacy, community service, and physical fitness for children in grades K-8. By setting and achieving goals to READ 26 books, RIGHT with 26 good deeds, and RUN 26.2 miles over 26 weeks, students engage in a multifaceted development program. This sustainable, enrichment initiative not only endorses but also supports existing educational curricula, leading to a race day celebration at the Annual Family Day in Forest Park. Since its inception in 2001, over 100,000 students have joined the challenge, highlighting the program’s impact on the St. Louis region.

  • Holistic Growth: Focus on reading, community, and fitness.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: Celebrated for its impact.
  • Wide Participation: Over 100,000 students engaged.
  • Final Celebration: Race day at Annual Family Day.
  • Open Access: Available to schools and organizations.

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