Volunteer Rewards Program - GO! St. Louis

Thank you to all our runners! Results for the Greater St. Louis Marathon are posted here.

You, the volunteers of GO! St. Louis, are our greatest ambassadors and an integral part of what allows GO! St. Louis to put on successful events! As a thank you for your dedication to GO! St. Louis, our Volunteer Rewards Program will allow volunteers to ‘cash in’ volunteer hours for GO! St. Louis race discounts and official merchandise.

How it works

Every hour that you work (attendance will be noted) counts as one MILE. When you are ready to use your accumulated miles, simply fill out the form and return to GO! St. Louis to either be registered for an upcoming event, or have a piece of merchandise mailed to you.

What you can get

Your time is now worth money! GO! St. Louis currently puts on annual events including the GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend, the Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race, the GO! St. Louis All-American 5k & Fun Run, and GO! St. Louis Finish Line. Check out our MILEAGE CHART to see how many miles you need to get free race entries for the different events!

Not a runner or walker? You can also redeem your miles for GO! St. Louis swag!

Check your Milage

After each GO! St. Louis event, we will post an updated spreadsheet with total mileage for each volunteer, which will be available on our website, under the Volunteers section. If you redeem miles, the updated total will be reflected only after a new spreadsheet is published to the site.