Updated as of March 26, 2020

Dear 2020 Marathon Weekend Participants:

This would have been race week for our Marathon Weekend (I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering that!) It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – that the team here at GO! St. Louis would much rather be loading trucks, unpacking boxes at the Expo, and making final checklists right now instead of sitting at our home computers working on this email. Life had different plans for all of us this spring, and our hearts go out to each of you as you adjust, postpone, and wrap your head around the new normal we are all learning to understand and live in day by day.

I wanted to reach out to you directly with our plans for all registered 2020 Marathon Weekend participants this year. We decided to give you several options to use your entry fee in a manner that best fits your needs. Those options are listed below my letter.

But first, I would like to speak, as many industries have during this time, about running events and financial outlook. It is understandable to look at your participant “deliverables” as a medal, event shirt, finish line food, and timing results – those are costs we all see and understand. But the reality of organizing a race includes much, much more. As with any small business, we employ five staff members, have office space, and use office resources and technology. Salaries paid and time spent have been incurred, and of course aren’t reversible. The real cost of putting on a race includes city permits, hiring of police officers and security staff, equipment to close streets and build an entire start and finish line site and village. Canceling two weeks out means that all of that was in place, and deposits were paid.

In truth, local events don’t ever make a lot of money. We work alongside other small local businesses to continue to provide high quality events in the face of many national chain events coming into our area. I offer this information not only to explain our position, but to share with you that my main goal right now is to keep our business and finances stable so that we can continue to provide quality races for years to come. This year was our 20th anniversary celebration – and I want to make sure that GO! St. Louis is around for another 20 years.

I know I can’t do anything to give you back the hours of training and (literal) sweat equity that you put into preparing for race weekend or the disappointment in not being able to run it. But what I can give you is my promise that we’re going to get to work on the next race, group run, and event when we can all be back together again.  Because it WILL come, no matter how distant it feels now.

I can’t thank you each enough for the support and positive energy that you’ve contributed to making GO! St. Louis the strong, active community that it is today.  I’m personally thankful that running continues to be an amazing outlet and activity for all of us during this time, and I have confidence that we will come back stronger and ready to take on our next challenge as runners.  I wish you all health, fitness, and forward motion – step by step, day by day, we will get there.

All my best,

Mona Vespa, President
GO! St. Louis

Updated as of March 12, 2020

To our GO! St. Louis Community:

The team at GO! St. Louis is committed to the welfare of our participants and to the city of St. Louis as a whole.  Due to the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision to cancel the GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend scheduled for March 28-29.

We have been in close communication with the City of St. Louis Health Department, as well as the Office of Special Events in this decision-making process. We are committed first and foremost to taking responsible action to further prevent the spread of this virus. We are also committed to organizing safe and efficient events, and it has become clear during the week that this would be very difficult to accomplish during a time when resources such as medical teams, volunteers, and vendors may be strained under the impact of this situation.

This is an unprecedented and challenging time for all of us.  We realize that this news comes as a disappointment to everyone who has been training for the event. The team at GO! St. Louis is working very hard to provide registered participants with options to use their 2020 Marathon Weekend registration entry towards a rescheduled date or other future GO! St. Louis event.

As we have updates and plans, we will post them at GOStLouis.org/Updates. Once plans are confirmed, we will email all registered participants with their options.  We greatly appreciate your patience as we work through those scenarios during this unpredictable time.

In closing, I would like to speak to you, our running community, personally. I have worked in some capacity for this organization for 17 of its 20 years. I have had the privilege to witness the extraordinary strength, determination and kindness of the incredible network of runners and walkers we have here. We have organized events in perfect weather, extreme heat, cold and even floods.  You have supported us – and each other – through all of it. We would not be here without you: encouraging each other, and believing in the mission of what we do here at GO! St. Louis. I have no doubt that we will do the same this time. In the meantime, keep running, stay healthy, and please accept my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire staff and Board of Directors at GO! St. Louis.

Mona Vespa, President
GO! St. Louis

Updated as of March 9, 2020

Dear Marathon Weekend Participants:

We are three weeks away from the Marathon Weekend and the public health situation in our community continues to evolve. I would like to share our current plans for the event with you.

As of Monday, March 9, all GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend (March 28 – 29) activities are scheduled to take place as planned. Your safety is paramount and remains our highest priority. The GO! St. Louis operations team has been in consistent communication with the City of St. Louis Health Department and other local authorities. Health and safety related aspects of the Marathon Weekend including COVID-19 are being very closely monitored.

In the event of escalation of this situation, GO! St. Louis will work closely with local authorities to mobilize and implement any necessary plans and protocols. We will keep participants informed as soon as we are able with any changes to the event.

We will be working over the coming days and weeks to prepare for race weekend and are taking special cautionary measures to organize an event that is as safe as possible. As we come closer to race weekend, we will continue to provide updates and plans with our participants.

With thanks,

Mona Vespa, President
GO! St. Louis