We may not be traveling far and wide for races (or even vacations!) this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stamp your passport full of LOCAL trails!  This summer, join GO! St. Louis and Great Rivers Greenway for a challenge to run, walk, or bike on trails in every part of your very own city! 

This challenge is perfect for every age and ability.  Great Rivers Greenway trails are all paved, well-marked paths with parking options and most importantly – great scenery!

Seasoned runner? We challenge you to try all of these greenways – and encourage you to get out and run in places you’ve never been in your own city! 

New to running or walking? There’s no specific distance requirement! This is all about getting moving and exploring your own city this summer!  Run, walk, ride – just get out and get moving on the amazing network of trails that Great Rivers Greenway has built for us! 

Home with a pack of kids? This one’s for you, mom & dad.  Print out our downloadable passport and get the kids out to explore.  All greenways are wide, paved paths – perfect for safe bike riding, running & walking.  Plus, there’s something new to see at each one!

How It Works

1. Sign up

Registration is available online HERE

Registration Fee:

    $45 – adults

    $25 – children (12 and under)

Your registration includes:

  • Passport Guide – mailed to you following registration with instructions, a Great Rivers Greenway map, and fun giveaways to get you started!
  • Kids’ Printable Passport – a fun booklet to download and print at home for kids (and coloring-loving grownups!) to use to track their progress!
  • Super soft lifestyle t-shirt (mailed upon program completion)
  • Finishers Medal (mailed upon program completion)

Registration: Open registration beginning June 10, 2020.

2. Get moving!
We have selected 15 beautiful routes on Great Rivers Greenway trails for you to choose from.  We chose greenways that represent many areas in our city, and are diverse in landscape and scenery! Your challenge is to visit 10 of the 15 greenway options to “fill” your passport!

  • Greenway Options Map HERE 
  • Greenway Route Details HERE

3. “Stamp” Your Passport

Keep track of the greenways you’ve visited by logging into your RunSignUp account (where you registered for the program – instructions HERE) and check them off.  We mapped out suggested routes on each one (some full greenways are very LONG!), but you can do as little or much on that route as you choose. Distance and time are up to you – it’s the visits that count!

4. Support Your City 

In addition to running/walking/riding on each of these routes, our mission with this project is to encourage you to visit and learn more about all parts of our community!  For each of the 15 greenways, we have partnered with a local nonprofit who does work in the area surrounding each greenway (or in some cases the whole metro area) so that we can share the mission of the organizations who support the needs of each community in our great city. We invite our participants to learn about the work these organizations are doing, and consider making a donation to each of them as you “travel” along your passport adventure this summer. 

Read about each of our local charity partners HERE

5. Complete the Challenge

All registered participants will receive a super soft lifestyle t-shirt and finisher’s medal at the end of the program duration (mid-August). Participants will receive a USPS tracking link to their registered email upon shipping.   

Trail Choices

Greenway Map Non Profit Organization
1. Busch Greenway:
Highway 94 to Katy Trail out and back (6.4 miles)
Map of Busch Greenway Magnificent Missouri
2. Dardenne Greenway:
Bluebird Meadow and BaratHaven Lake loop (2.8 miles)
Map of Dardenne Greenway WildCare Institute – St. Louis Zoo
3. Dardenne Greenway:
Legacy Park to Rabbit Run Park out and back (7.0 miles)
Map of Dardenne Greenway Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation
4. Sunset Greenway:
St. Ferdinand Shrine to Missouri River out and back (7.8 miles)
Map of Sunset Greenway Marygrove
5. St. Vincent Greenway:
St. Vincent Shelter to Marlin Dr. out and back (5.3 miles)
Map of St. Vincent Greenway Beyond Housing
6. Centennial Greenway:
Shaw Park to Olive Blvd. out and back (4.1 miles)
Map of Centennial Greenway We Stories
7. Fee Fee Greenway:
Maryland Heights Community Center to Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park out and back (5.3 miles)
Map of Fee Fee Greenway Gateway to Hope
8. Missouri Greenway:
Centaur Road to Katy Trail out and back (7.7 miles)
Map of Missouri Greenway St. Louis BWorks
9. Centennial Greenway:
Forest Park to Vernon Ave out and back (2.8 miles)
Map of Centennial Greenway Forest Park Forever
10. Deer Creek Greenway:
Deer Creek Park to Lorraine Davis Park out and back (3.2 miles)
Map of Deer Creek Greenway Epworth Children’s Center
11. River des Peres Greenway:
Carondelet Park to Shrewsbury MetroLink out and back (10.5 miles)
Map of River Des Peres Greenway Asthma & Allergy Foundation, St. Louis Chapter
12. Mississippi Greenway:
Jefferson Barracks Park to River City Casino out and back (2.6 miles)
Map of Mississippi Greenway Team RWB
13. Mississippi Greenway:
Cliff Cave Upper Trailhead to Telegraph Road out and back (3.2 miles)
Map of Mississippi Greenway Prison Performing Arts
14. Gravois Greenway:
Mysun Trailhead to Kirkwood out and back (16.4 miles)
Map of Gravois Greenway Great Rivers Greenway Foundation
15. Meramec Greenway:
Rock Hollow Trailhead to Al Foster Trailhead out and back (6.4 miles)
Map of Meramec Greenway World Bird Sanctuary