Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 5K: 16:25, Half Marathon (GO! 2018): 1:14:50, Full Marathon (MO Cowbell 2017): 2:38:25

Favorite Workout: As a youth coach, one of my favorite things is making workouts so this is super tough but I’d have to say my favorite workout would have to be a ladder workout (specifically 1M/1.5M/2.5M/1.5M/1M starting at 5K/10K to Half to Full back to Half and then finally back to 5K/10K. I enjoy starting off fast, tiring my legs out with the middle repeats, and then proving to myself I can still run a fast closing mile after all that!

Why do you run: I run to be around people, I’ve met my closest friends and have some of my best memories through running. I also run to achieve the things I never thought I could such as running all of the Marathon Majors one day which is my current ambition. Most importantly I run because I enjoy it but also because I love spreading that enjoyment to those around me who also run. As a youth coach, my main mission is to get aspiring athletes into running and to help them be the best they can be while also trying to be the best I can be.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: The best part about being on the GO! Racing Team is being able to be a part of a team that enjoys running as much as I do and to be a part of a team that promotes running as a lifelong sport!
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: Ottawa Marathon 2019: 2:48, Champaign Half Marathon 2019: 1:18

Favorite Workout: 8-10 mile tempo at marathon pace or 800 meter repeats at 5K pace

Why do you run: Running brings out the best in me. It makes me more productive and positive overall.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: Racing alongside my GO! teammates and motivating each other to work harder.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 5K: 2019 All-American 5K (16:58), 8K: 2019 Shamrock Shuffle (29:49), 15K: 2019 Frostbite 15K (56:56), Marathon: 2018 Columbus Marathon (2:52:48)

Favorite Workout: Haha, I hate workouts generally speaking, but if I have to pick one, it would be mile repeats at half marathon pace (we usually get up to 10 x 1-mile repeats during half and full marathon training, which is tough but really gets you fit!)

Why do you run: I love how running gives you an opportunity to push your mind and body beyond what you thought were your limits. It’s empowering to be able to make new goals and work to achieve them. I also love how I get to spend quality time with friends on runs. Some of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had were on long runs (including my first date with my now husband), and some of the best bonding with my friends has happened while pushing through a tough workout together.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: I love how the GO! Racing team uses running as a tool to promote education, health, and wellness in the St. Louis community. It is so fun to be a part of a competitive team who works hard together and celebrates both team and individual accomplishments. On the other side, when someone is struggling with training, is injured, or is just dealing with life, we are always there to pick each other up!
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 2019 GO! St. Louis All-American 5K (MO State resident age group record) 18:55, 2019 Bolder Boulder 10K 42:35 (2nd 64 age division, 9th fastest all-time age division), 2019 Starved Rock Half Marathon 1:27:45 - 1st 60-64 age group, 2019 Gasparilla 15K 1:03:43 - 1st 60-64 age group

Favorite Workout: 6 x 800 @ 5K-3K goal race pace with 90sec. 200meter recovery

Why do you run: Enhances so many facets of my life.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: Team/family camaraderie
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: Half Marathon 1:10:25, 10k 31:57, 5k 15:13

Favorite Workout: Wow, great question. I think 1km repeats are great and versatile. They can help prepare you for races from the mile to marathon.

Why do you run: Running gives me a unique sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Whether it is achieving that next PR at a big race, finishing a hard long run or workout, it is a really good feeling to lay out a plan and then achieve it with the help of a great coach and teammates.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: Sharing my success with others and helping them achieve their goals! The team has a great sense of community and camaraderie.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: Indy Half Marathon: 1:15:20, 1 mile: 4:38, 5k: 16:33

Favorite Workout: 10x1 mile repeats at half marathon pace

Why do you run: Running is physically exhausting but mentally and emotionally restoring.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: daily group runs and team camaraderie
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 2018 Bix 7 Miler female master’s champion, 2004 and 2005 St. Patrick’s Day 5 mile champion, 2000 St. Louis Marathon champion, 1:20:26 Half Marathon, 36:48 10k, 16:48 5k

Favorite Workout: 3.1 miles at 5k race pace

Why do you run: It gives me the confidence and grit I need to know I can handle anything life throws at me.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: Our amazing teammates, coach and GO! St. Louis organization.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: Double Stroller Half Marathon World Record and his own PR - 1:16:06, Double Stroller 5K and his own PR - 16:10, IL Marathon - 2:38:25, Alpine Shop Castlewood Trail Series - 2018 champ

Favorite Workout: 10 mi @ marathon pace because I love the grind of tempo runs AND 20 mi runs in the woods on singletrack to get away from the stresses of life and reconnect with nature

Why do you run: I love to be outside and I love to push my limits. I also love the simplicity of lacing up your shoes and getting out the door, with no need for complicated equipment or gear.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: The GO! racing team is quite simply, one big loving family. We have a very knowledgeable coach and an extremely supportive sponsor organization. Best of all though, I love grinding out a tough workout with people who are just as passionate about running as I am.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: Olympic Trial Qualifier (2:39 Chicago Marathon), Houston Half Marathon 1:13.35, All American 5k course record holder 16:29, Macklind Mile course record holder 4:38

Favorite Workout: 1 mile repeats, challenging but always feel accomplished after

Why do you run: I run because I enjoy it for many reasons. It allows me to still have the feeling of competition and pushing myself to be better at something or get to the next level. Running has allowed me to meet so many new people, make new friends, and travel to new places. I also love running because it is a great form of exercise, that allows me to just get away from the real world of work and life for a little bit.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: Having teammates that are always there to train with you! Regardless the weather, the time, the situation, you have a group of people to support you, push you to be better, and encourage you when you need it. It is hard to find a strong running group to train with after college, but this racing team helps us hold each other accountable to show up and get better, but also is there for each other to celebrate all good workouts and races.
Notable Recent Performances/PR’s: 5k (road): 15:39 10k: 32:37 half: 1:11:36 full: 2:34:49 With a Stroller 5k: 17:29 10k: Rodes City 10k - 33:26 Half: 1:13:32

Favorite workout: Kilometer repeats @ 5-8k pace

Why do you run: I like the daily grind of training for a race. It’s a great stress reliever, and it’s challenging. I feel that I am more organized and productive at work and at home when I’m running/training for something.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: The group itself. I do not get as many opportunities to run with our group, as I live farther away than most members, but it’s nice to know that we are running similar workouts on certain days, and you can definitely feel the support at races and via social media. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make more Saturday runs later this summer and fall.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 800m (outdoor): 1:55, 1500m (outdoor): 3:50, 3k (indoor): 8:27, 5k (outdoor): 14:46, 10k (road): 30:45, mile (road) 4:08, Half Marathon: 1:07:30

Favorite Workout: 200m repeats at 800m race pace. But anything fast will do.

Why do you run: to chase dreams.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: I have the opportunity to run with my second family (teammates) everyday of the week!
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 1:15:45 2019 Christie Clinic IL Half Marathon

Favorite Workout: Short Hill Repeats

Why do you run: Running is fun. And racing is a great way to test yourself.

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: It is a combination of having incredible conversation partners for daily runs at 6am, experienced coaching and leadership, and being supported by a local non-profit organization who advocates for the St. Louis running community.
Notable Recent Performances/PRs: 2k: The Grove 2k 2017 (5:11), 5k: All American 5k 2018 (15:43), 4M: CCVI Trolley Run 2016 (20:15), 10k: GO! Halloween 10k 2019 (32:18), 15k: Shoreline Classic 2018 (52:30), Half Marathon: Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon 2019 (70:35)

Favorite Workout: 1k repeats

Why do you run: When I was young, I felt I had an affinity for running...and for food. I figured, why not run a race and get some free food afterwards?

Best part about being on the GO! Racing Team: The teammates, you have to like them especially when you meet at 6 every morning.