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GO! St. Louis is pleased to be partnered with Spewak Training to offer our runners personalized training programs.

Following a training plan that is tailored to your fitness level and needs is a great way to step onto the starting line feeling confident and ready to go.  Whether you’re taking on a new distance, working to set a PR, trying to avoid injury, or need someone to keep you accountable – investing in a customized training plan will help get you there!

Personalized training plans include:
  • customized plan for your specific race distance
  • individualized daily mileage
  • individualized pace & speed workouts based off your fitness level
  • plan designed around your life & work commitments.
How do I purchase a training plan?

Step 1: Register for your personalized 10-week training plan – click the button below.

Step 2: A Spewak training coach will email you a training questionnaire to fill out.

Step 3: Fill out the questionnaire. You will then receive your customized training plan within 48 hours.

Training Plan Pricing

10-week plan for 2020 Marathon Weekend: $125

Success Stories from Our Community

“Spewak Training was the cornerstone to what has become my passion for running.  When I started training with Mark I was absolutely terrified yet excited to take on what would be the most intense physical challenge I had ever undertaken.  We started our training in early January 2017 for the GO! half marathon I went on to complete in early April of 2017.

Throughout my training Mark ensured I not only knew what to do but why I was doing it.  There was absolutely no history of running in my past so this running thing was all very foreign to me, even the basics.  In the early days you can imagine how defeated I felt when I was only able to run/walk 1 mile, knowing I had 12.5 more to complete in the next 3 months.  In every instance of self- doubt, which happened frequently, I was reassured I was exactly where I needed to be by my coach.

Mile by mile I gained strength and endurance and ultimately dominated the half marathon completing the race with an average of a 12 minute mile- The pride I felt was immeasurable and carried no price tag high enough for the confidence gained and that I have kept ever since.  In the year to follow I have completed another GO half marathon, 4 -5k’s, 1- 7k and 1-15 k. My continued love of running is something I will carry with me for years to come and owe in huge part to the support given from Spewak Training.

Running has effected every aspect of my life in the most positive way imaginable.  My career, personal life, physical and mental well- being have been improved upon since starting this wonderful passion of running.  Thank you Coach Mark and Spewak Training!”
– Kolleen Walsh, RFL (Runner For Life)

“Last year I chose to work with Mark Spewak of Spewak Training to prepare for the GO! St. Louis half marathon. GO! events are the best! They are organized, run smoothly, and most importantly, are so much fun! Whether it’s running by pirates and ghosts at Halloween or over the Mississippi River in the spring, GO! makes things exciting in the best way possible. Mark is an incredible coach and person—his commitment to the sport of running and each of his athletes is remarkable. In the first 4 months of training, Mark’s excellent plan and continual encouragement led me to a 14 minute PR in my half-marathon. I’m still in awe of how far I’ve come and it was Mark that made me believe it was possible. You are lucky if you get to know Mark as a person, and even luckier to have him as a coach. Spewak Training is truly the best!”
– Kathy Sprehe

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Spewak Training?
Spewak Training is a St. Louis based personal coaching business. They have experience helping hundreds of athletes achieve personal best times in distances ranging from one mile to a full marathon.

What are the benefits of a customized training plan?
It doesn’t matter whether this is your first or tenth race, all abilities can benefit from a structured training plan. Customized training plans accommodate to your life and schedule’s needs. Personalized plans also help any athlete improve. Whether your goal is to finish in a specific time or to finish the race, the plans will be geared to helping you achieve your specific goal on race day.

What does the plan include?
A training plan written personalized specifically to you! Your plan includes individualized paces and workouts. We schedule around your work, life, and personal commitments.

Do you have to be an elite runner to receive a training plan?
No! Runners of all abilities can benefit from a personalized training plan.

What if I sign up after the deadline?
You can still purchase a training plan. However, there will be no discount.

Is there communication with my coach during training?
Your plan does not include communication with a coach. However, you can choose to purchase a one-time 60 minute coaching session. Just select this option when prompted during registration for your training plan.

About Spewak Training

Spewak Training is a St. Louis based personal coaching business. Their team is focused on writing individualized plans catered one hundred percent to your life and schedule’s needs. Their staff comes with years of coaching experience. Regardless of ability, they believe every participant of GO! St. Louis events can be benefit significantly from a structured plan. Their plans are designed for the individual not the masses.

They look forward to working with many eager GO! St. Louis runners!