2020 GO! St. Louis Marathon

GO! St. Louis is excited to announce its fastest full-marathon course ever with a new route that incorporates the city’s working riverfront and its relationship with the mighty Mississippi. Runners will not only enjoy taking in the views at Forest Park, the Central West End, and the majestic Gateway Arch, but also experience the Mississippi River like never before due to a partnership with Great Rivers Greenway, in cooperation with the city of St. Louis.

The second half of the full marathon will provide the opportunity to experience the industrial, working riverfront and unparalleled, up-close views of the Mississippi River along a portion of the Mississippi Greenway: Riverfront Trail and from atop the McKinley Bridge. The course features a four-mile downhill route beginning at mile 9, which will then take marathoners to the trail’s flat, paved surface. It’s a course that makes faster finishing times even more attainable! That means greater potential for personal bests and/or qualifying times.

Course subject to change

Elevation + Course Description

The Mississippi Greenway: Riverfront Trail is a flat, paved path that follows the industrial riverfront north of downtown St. Louis and the Gateway Arch National Park.  

When the marathoners turn off at mile 13 just before the half marathon finish line, the course travels in a quick square around the finish line area to get onto the Mississippi Greenway.  Once on the Greenway, runners will pass through miles 14 and 15 on the most industrial section of the trail. Miles 16 – 17.5 will take runners over the McKinley Bridge with great views of the mighty Mississippi and even a quick few steps in the state of Illinois before turning around. 

Once over the bridge and back on the Missouri side, runners will continue north through miles 18 – 21  in a section of the Greenway that sits on top of the levee and provides scenic views of the river. 

Mile 21 marks the turnaround point on the Greenway when runners switch directions and follow the trail back toward the finish line.  Runners stay entirely on the flat path for the return and do not take the McKinley Bridge. Just before Mile 24, the Gateway Arch comes into view, and marathoners can set their sights on the finish line for the final stretch!

Water, Aid + Gel Stations

Water Stations:

  • Mile 2
  • Mile 4
  • Mile 6
  • Mile 8
  • Mile 10
  • Mile 12
  • Mile 13  
  • Mile 14  
  • Mile 15.3  
  • Mile 16.4
  • Mile 17.5
  • Mile 18
  • Mile 19.2
  • Mile 21 
  • Mile 22.6
  • Mile 24
  • Mile 25.3

Gel Stations:

  • Mile 8
  • Mile 14 
  • Mile 18
  • Mile 25.3

Marathon Relay

  • Runner 1: 5.6 miles (exchange to runner 2 at CWE/Metrolink station)
  • Runner 2: 7.4 miles (exchange to runner 3 at Eads Bridge/Metrolink station)
  • Runner 3: 8 miles (exchange to runner 4 at Humbolt Ave/shuttle drop off)
  • Runner 4: 5.2 miles (to finish line!) 

Because the Mississippi Greenway follows an area of the city without a Metrolink location, runner 4 will take a shuttle from the finish line area (downtown/Lumiere Place) to the exchange location at the Greenway. Runner 3 will then take the shuttle back to the finish line. [/fullwidth]

Course Entertainment


Support from Our Partners

St. Louis has an incredible network of outdoor recreation groups and organizations, and GO! St. Louis is honored to collaborate with many of these organizations to provide runners with a great experience on the course, from start to finish.  

Our partners are excited to join us in sharing this new route: 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the GO! St. Louis Marathon to welcome runners to one of the most unique greenways in the region. We hope it encourages runners of all kinds, whether they are training or just out for fun, to experience any of the 125 miles (and counting!) of greenways throughout St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County.”

Susan Trautman, CEO of Great Rivers Greenway

“Utilizing the Mississippi Greenway: Riverfront Trail for this year’s GO! St. Louis Marathon course will give runners a close up view of the mighty Mississippi and the working riverfront most runners seldom see. Not only that, this course is going to be FAST! With few hills, look for some quick miles on your way back to the finish line.”

– Matt Helbig, CEO/Founder, Big River Race Management
“The GO! St. Louis Marathon is undeniable proof that we are a great outdoor town. Not only are there scenic trails and other opportunities for recreation right downtown and along the riverfront, but there are numerous community groups and organizations to help get people involved — not to mention the thousands of local athletes who are passionate about having meaningful experiences and sharing their love of outdoor activities with others. Terrain Magazine is excited to be part of the GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend in 2020.”

– Brad Kovach, editor/publisher Terrain Magazine