2020 GO! St. Louis Marathon Relay

Experience the GO! St. Louis Marathon route in a fun and manageable way – with 3 of your favorite running buddies!  Each runner will tackle between 5-8 miles of the GO! St. Louis Marathon route – adding up to 26.2 miles in all – and then cross the finish line together to enjoy the same amenities as full and half marathoners – an awesome medal and event shirt, great finish line food, and even a post-race Schlafly beer! 

Course subject to change

Elevation + Course Description

Beginning in Forest Park, runners will first head west toward the campus of Washington University in St. Louis and the beautiful surrounding neighborhoods of Clayton, MO.  Heading back toward the park on Wydown Boulevard (locally known as one of the best running streets in St. Louis!) will give runners a great downhill stretch before facing a few infamous Forest Park hills during the next miles.  

Miles 3 – 5.5 weave back through Forest Park, where runners will see iconic park landmarks such as the St. Louis Art Museum, the World’s Fair Pavilion, and the St. Louis Muny Opera.  After leaving the park, runners continue east through The Grove, an up-and-coming urban neighborhood full of restaurants and bars.  Miles 7 – 9 are in Midtown, home of St. Louis University. Some of the last hills of the route are in this section, including a climb up to Market Street as runners can just begin to see views of downtown St. Louis.

After mile 9, runners will get a great downhill stretch!  The route heads down Market Street past Union Station, the brand-new St. Louis Aquarium and Ferris Wheel, and then turns south on 12th street at City Hall.  After a few quick turns in the final downtown miles, runners make their way to Leonor K Sullivan Boulevard, where they run a flat mile along the Mississippi River and Gateway Arch National Park.

Just before mile 13, marathoners and relay runners will turn off of the riverfront and make a quick square around the finish line area to get onto the Mississippi Greenway.  Once on the Greenway, runners will pass through miles 14 and 15 on the most industrial section of the trail. Miles 16 – 17.5 will take runners over the McKinley Bridge with great views of the mighty Mississippi and even a quick few steps in the state of Illinois before turning around. 

Once over the bridge and back on the Missouri side, runners will continue north through miles 18 – 21  in a section of the Greenway that sits on top of the levee and provides scenic views of the river. 

Mile 21 marks the turnaround point on the Greenway when runners switch directions and follow the trail back toward the finish line.  Runners stay entirely on the flat path for the return and do not take the McKinley Bridge. Just before Mile 24, the Gateway Arch comes into view, and runners can set their sights on the finish line for the final stretch! 

Relay Teams can meet their final runner near the Lumiere Place Casino and head towards the finish line as a team!

Water, Aid + Gel Stations

Water Stations:

  • Mile 2
  • Mile 4
  • Mile 6
  • Mile 8
  • Mile 10
  • Mile 12
  • Mile 13  
  • Mile 14  
  • Mile 15.3  
  • Mile 16.4
  • Mile 17.5
  • Mile 18
  • Mile 19.2
  • Mile 21 
  • Mile 22.6
  • Mile 24
  • Mile 25.3

Marathon Relay

  • Runner 1: 5.6 miles (exchange to runner 2 at CWE/Metrolink station)
  • Runner 2: 7.4 miles (exchange to runner 3 at Eads Bridge/Metrolink station)
  • Runner 3: 8 miles (exchange to runner 4 at Humbolt Ave/shuttle drop off)
  • Runner 4: 5.2 miles (to finish line!) 

Because the Mississippi Greenway follows an area of the city without a Metrolink location, runner 4 will take a shuttle from the finish line area (downtown/Lumiere Place) to the exchange location at the Greenway. Runner 3 will then take the shuttle back to the finish line.

Marathon Relay FAQ

Do all team members have to pick up their packet?

Only one member of your relay team will have to pick up the team packet from the Health & Fitness Expo. For more information on our Expo hours, click HERE.

How do I get to my relay station on race day?

All Marathon Relay race bibs will have a MetroLink pass printed on them so that you can ride the MetroLink from relay station to relay station on race day. Each exchange zone is located within walking distance to a MetroLink station. (Note: The MetroLink pass will be good to travel as far as Relay Station #2. It will not be valid for any other stops except for these relay station stops.)

Can all team members finish the race together?

Of course! All team members will meet back up near the finish line and run into the finish together.

Will all four team members get a medal?

Yes! You will turn in your timing belt at the finish line in exchange for medals for your entire team.

Do all team members have to cross the finish line?

No, all four team members do not have to cross the finish line in order to collect your medals. You can turn in your timing belt for your medals and disburse the medals to your team at your convenience.