For 20 years, GO! St. Louis has supported the running community through the development of local races. We have seen and experienced the depth of talent and commitment that our city’s runners have to this sport.  We have held the tape proudly at many a finish line to see local runners win our races. Now, we are excited to foster that talent and commitment ourselves with the addition of our newest initiative: the GO! St. Louis Racing Team.

The GO! St. Louis Racing Team is a group of men and women who train and race locally and regionally, and who are committed to being ambassadors to the sport and to our organization.  The team has two tiers to encourage progress and development for a variety of abilities. It’s members are both athletes who competed at the collegiate level, and those who found the sport later in life. Coached by the talented coach and athlete, Jason Holroyd, the current team roster has 40 athletes, including Olympic Trials qualifiers, masters runners, and many of the area’s top performers.

GO! St. Louis is honored to support this team in order to elevate the visibility, impact and performance of local runners, and to further our overall mission to encourage and inspire running in the St. Louis community.

For more information on the Racing Team click HERE.