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lockton_logoRelay teams are comprised of four members, running or walking approximately six miles each, to complete a full 26.2 marathon. The race offers an opportunity for family, friends, co-workers and organizations to join together to compete as one. Marathon Relay divisions include: women, men, co-ed corporate and co-ed family & friends.

The marathon relay race is also a great way for newcomers to endurance competition to get started, while enjoying the team aspect. Participants who have completed their relay leg of the course, all join the final team member near the finish line so they can cross the line together. The Marathon Relay is capped at 650 teams (2,600 individuals) and typically reaches capacity before race day, so we encourage teams to register early.

Exchange Zones Distance & Location

Exchange Zones

  • Exchange 1: S. Boyle and Clayton (MetroLink station Cortex)
  • Exchange 2: Compton & Forest Park (MetroLink station Grand)
  • Exchange 3: Park & 14th (MetroLink station Civic Center)
  • Exchange 4: Meet your last runner at 18th and Market and run into the Finish Line together!

Relay Exchange Zone Directions


  • Leg 1: 6.25 miles
  • Leg 2: 5.25 miles
  • Leg 3: 9 miles
  • Leg 4: 5.7 miles

Marathon Relay FAQ

Do all team members have to pick up their packet?

Only one member of your relay team will have to pick up the team packet from the Health & Fitness Expo. For more information on our Expo hours, click HERE.

How do I get to my relay station on race day?

All Marathon Relay race bibs will have a MetroLink pass printed on them so that you can ride the MetroLink from relay station to relay station on race day. Each exchange zone is located within walking distance to a MetroLink station. (Note: The MetroLink pass will be good to travel as far as Relay Station #3. It will not be valid for any other stops except for these 4 relay station stops.)

Can all team members finish the race together?

Of course! All team members will meet back up near the finish line and run into the finish together.

Will all four team members get a medal?

Yes! You will turn in your timing belt at the finish line in exchange for medals for your entire team.

Do all team members have to cross the finish line?

No, all four team members do not have to cross the finish line in order to collect your medals. You can turn in your timing belt for your medals and disburse the medals to your team at your convenience.

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