Guess what…You aren’t alone!

Coach Mark Spewak, of Spewak Training, gives us some insight on training in heat and the effect it can have on performance. Mark gets into the details below!

Running is a sport full of ups and downs. You are going to have days where you feel on top of the world. Then, you will have days where you doubt everything. In St. Louis we deal with some pretty nasty weather in the summer. It’s not uncommon for us to have stretches where the weather is 80 degrees at 6 a.m. with 90 percent humidity.

When you are competitive and have a goal, […]

August 30th, 2018||

Benefits of a Structured Plan
By Mark Spewak

Running is unique in the sense that it doesn’t require a lot to participate in the sport. After covering the basics of a good pair of running shoes and appropriate apparel you don’t need much to get started. The beauty is if you are at home or traveling, you can take running with you. When I first started running, my goals were simple. Leave the door, run until I got tired, and then eat lots of tasty food.

This routine only lasted me so long. I had goals of getting better but my times weren’t […]

August 21st, 2018||

Foam Rolling by Mercy

Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release that may be used in order to help with soft tissue ailments such as tightness, trigger points, or soreness.  Releasing these areas of discomfort can help allow the body to reestablish pain-free movement patterns and can ultimately help performance.1  Foam rolling may be used at times when stretching is not enough to provide relief of these symptoms.  Foam rolling may also be used in conjunction with stretching, or simply just to ready your body for activity or aid in recovery.2

How does it work?

Some people say that foam rolling works due to compression of […]

March 21st, 2018||

The Road to Marathon Weekend Update 3: Overcoming Obstacles

Somewhere along the road to marathon weekend, you’ll hit a roadblock.  It might be physical (injury, illness) or it might be mental – but during a training season, it’s bound to happen.  And then what?  How do you deal with the setbacks or even just the tough parts of training and fatigue?  We polled a few of the veterans around the GO! St. Louis office and then checked in with our PNC blog stars to see how they’ve handed roadblocks along the way…here’s what we found:

Advice from some of the veteran runners on the GO! St. Louis team…

Mona Langenberg […]

March 24th, 2017||

The Road to Marathon Weekend: Update #2: Working with a Coach

It’s true, and we talked about it in our last blog entry: you don’t need more than a pair of shoes and your own two feet to walk out your door and begin training. It’s what we love about running and walking, and it’s what makes this sport accessible, approachable and (no, we’re not biased) GREAT!

And often, this is enough. If you’re a morning runner like many are, it goes like this: wake up, drink a cup of coffee, check your phone’s weather app (don’t forget the windchill on these winter mornings!), make those important clothing choices, lace up your […]

February 14th, 2017||

The Road to Marathon Weekend – Update #1: First things first: buying the right shoes!

One of the first things that we did with David and Kolleen was to head over to our favorite local running retailer and partner – Big River Running Company – to get them started off on the right foot – literally!  We often talk in our office about how lucky we are, as runners, to need so little equipment to do our sport.  But, that means that the *one* piece of equipment we do need should be a good one. 


Mark Spewak, David and Kolleen’s coach, sees a lot of new runners in his business, and knows how important it is […]

January 27th, 2017||

The Road to Marathon Weekend

It’s January.  There are 12 weeks to go before the annual GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend.

It’s the start of a new training season.  January means kicking your training plans into high gear, finding motivation in winter months, and focusing on your goals.  

This year, we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to get there.  We’ll be following two new runners training for their first races.  

You’ll get an inside look at their training plans (they’ll both be working with awesome coach Mark Spewak of Spewak Training), picking the right gear, stretching/injury prevention, nutrition – […]

January 19th, 2017||