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Full Marathon Elevation

Full Marathon Elevation Map

Half Marathon Elevation

Half Marathon Elevation


  • Point-to-point route.  Starts in beautiful Forest Park and ends at the St. Louis Riverfront!

  • Faster, flatter, and more downhills! Check out the elevation maps – half marathon miles 8 – 13.1 are all downhill, and marathon miles 20 – 26.2 are as well.

  • New 10K event is a fast out & back downtown. The 10K starts from the finish line site, and cover 6 fast, flat miles along the riverfront.

  • Course showcases some of St. Louis’ best landmarks!

Half Marathon highlights: Runs through Forest Park, Washington University’s campus, down beautiful Wydown Boulevard in Clayton, through the Central West End and Cortex, past St. Louis University and Union Station, and finishing with a final flat mile along the Mississippi River past the Gateway Arch!

Marathon highlights: In addition to staying with the half marathon for over 10 miles of great sights, the marathoners will also have the chance to run through Lafayette Square, do a great loop of Tower Grove Park, and end with the same great stretch of St. Louis Riverfront to the finish line!

New Route Q & A

How does transportation work with a point-to-point course?
With a point-to-point course, you can choose to park at the start OR finish line location, and take a shuttle to the other side. For example, you’ll be able to park your car downtown early before the race and then take a shuttle to the start line. Then your car will be at the finish line waiting for you after you’ve completed the race!  And on the opposite, you can also choose to park at the start line in Forest Park, and then take a shuttle back to your car at the end of the race. *Please note that shuttle service is for registered runners only. 

Of course, Metrolink is always a great option in St. Louis!  The Forest Park stop is just a half mile from the start line (DeBaliviere Station) and the Eads Bridge/Arch stop is also very close to the finish line!

What are our parking options?
Downtown parking is plentiful on Sunday mornings – both (pay) lots and street parking will be available.  The course doesn’t travel on many of the north downtown streets (Market, Olive, Washington, Martin Luther King Blvd) so those streets are completely available for parking.

Forest Park has many large parking lots – Upper Muny, Twin Lots, and more.  We will be releasing maps with parking locations as the event gets closer.

The best news is that this divides the volume of vehicles in half – as there will be people choosing to park at both the start and finish lines!

How will our gear check work?
We will still offer gear check at the start line (Forest Park site) and then after the race begins, your bags will be shuttled to the finish line for pick up!  

How does this course compare to the past year’s GO! St. Louis full/half marathon courses?
First, check out our elevation profile to see for yourself!  By starting west and heading east towards the river, we were able to make this year’s route much faster, including lots of downhill sections. This year’s half marathon route is almost completely downhill after mile 8.  Last year’s route included a back half with many hills and tough sections. Here’s a side-by-side comparison so you can see the difference.

The full marathon is also much faster than past courses by starting west and heading east. St. Louis still isn’t flat, but we worked to keep the second half of the marathon much flatter, including a nice section in Tower Grove Park, than it has been. And the last 6 miles of the marathon route are also completely downhill!

What are the best places on-course for spectators?
There are lots of great options on a point-to-point course, but here’s a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Start/Mile 4 – if you hang out in Forest Park, you’ll be able to see your favorite runner start the race and then again at mile 4 (we recommend standing on the sidewalks at Art Hill to give them some extra motivation to push up that tough spot!).

  • Half Mile 7/Finish – stop in the Central West End to watch your runner, and then shoot straight downtown on all of the open streets to the north (Lindell/Olive, I-64 east) to get to the finish line in time to see them!

  • Full Mile 16/Finish – head to Tower Grove Park and see your runner between miles 15-18, and then head back over to S. Grand Blvd to head back toward downtown to the finish line!