What is the date of the event?
The GO! St. Louis Marathon and Family Fitness weekend is scheduled for April 6-8, 2018.

What races are offered?
We offer a 5K, GO! St. Louis Read, Right & Run Marathon, Children’s Fun Runs and a Mature Mile on Saturday in Forest Park. And on Sunday we have a Marathon, Half Marathon, 7K, and Marathon Relay, starting in downtown St. Louis.

How can I register?
General registration is available online only at gostlouis.org.

What is the cost of the race?
Entry fee prices vary depending on the race and the time of year you plan to register. Once registration opens, it will continue until a race sells out or closes. Visit the registration page to view fees and price increase deadlines.

What does my registration fee go towards?
Funds generated from participant registration fees go toward costs associated with event shirts, finisher medals, and a variety of operational costs such as: official permits, medical supplies, security, race bibs, barricades, hydration equipment and timing services. In addition, as a local non-profit organization a portion of your entry fee helps support GO! St. Louis youth initiatives, aimed at fighting obesity in schools.

Can I get a refund if I cannot participate?
Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for any of the events. Costs associated with the pre-planning and ordering of participant amenities well in advance of the race prohibit us from offering refunds. In addition, refunds are not issued if the event is cancelled due to severe weather, disaster or emergency occurrences that may affect the safety and health of the participants. Please take a moment to read the full waiver that is available at the time of registration.

Can I transfer my registration to another person if I cannot participate?
No.  However, for a medical reason you are unable to participate in the Half Marathon or Marathon on April 8, 2018, you have the option of deferring your entry to either the 2018 Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Half Marathon or the Half or Full Marathon during the 2019 Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend. This deferral is valid for 50% of the entry fee of your chosen race. The deferral is neither transferable nor refundable and is only valid for one calendar year.  To defer you must call the GO! St. Louis office at (314) 727-0800 by March 29, 2018.

Can I Defer my registration to another date?
Yes. Valid for Half Marathon or Marathon participants who cannot participate due to a medical reason.  You have the option of deferring your entry to either the 2018 Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Half Marathon or the Half or Full Marathon during the 2019 Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend. This deferral is valid for 50% of the entry fee of your chosen race. The deferral is neither transferable nor refundable and is only valid for one calendar year.  To defer you must call the GO! St. Louis office at (314) 727-0800 by March 29, 2018.

Can I sell or give my entry to another participant without officially transferring through GO! St. Louis?
No, this is not allowed in any circumstances.  While this practice may seem harmless, it can result in serious consequences to both parties involved. It’s an issue of false identity and a liability issue. Why? The most important reason is that your race bib is attached to your identity, so if an emergency occurs that requires medical attention or a race official must identify a participant, we need to have accurate information. In addition, finisher awards may be impacted. If race organizers identify an individual who has given their race bib to another person, it will result in disqualification and a minimum two-year ban for both individuals for any GO! St. Louis race.

Can I participate if I do not have my race bib on race morning or decide to join the race without officially completing the registration process?
No, this is not allowed. This is frequently termed “race bandit” by race organizers and will be strictly enforced. Course monitors are trained to spot participants who are not displaying a race bib, and they will be escorted from the race course by officials and banned from future GO! St. Louis events.

What is packet pickup?
All registered participants receive a race bag (aka packet or goody bag) that includes their official race number, race information, and promotional product samples. Your race bag must be picked-up on April 6 or 7 at the Expo. There is NO race day packet pickup for the marathon, half marathon, 7K, or relay on Sunday, April 8. For additional information on packet pickup location, times, directions etc., visit the Expo page on gostlouis.org.

What do I need to bring to pick up my race bag?
Participants in the marathon, half marathon, 7K, and marathon relay will receive a final race confirmation sent via email a few days prior to the race, and within this email will be your race number. Please bring a copy of this confirmation and a photo ID to the Expo to receive your race bag.

I arrived at the Expo late and did not get my requested shirt size?
On a very limited basis, you may be faced with the situation where you go to pick up your packet and the shirt size you requested during the registration process is not available. With any race which require large amounts of event shirts (15,000+), the order must be placed 4-6 months in advance of the event, so a certain amount of estimation of sizes takes place. Even with over-ordering it is not an exact science. Although if this happens, it generally effects a small amount of participants. To ensure you receive your requested size shirt, we encourage you to visit the Expo as early as possible.

Can I pick up another participant’s race bag?
Although we stress that it is very important that every registered participant pick up their own bag, we do realize that in some cases it is not feasible. If a participant is not able to attend the Expo and pick up their bag, they can complete a Packet Pickup Authorization Form, which allows someone to complete the process. No race bags will be released to an individual who does not have the proper form.  A limit of ONE additional bag per person is enforced. A marathon relay team (4-total bags) count as one bag.

Do all four members of my relay team need to pick up their race bags individually?
No, we require only the relay team captain or a designated team member to pick up all four team member’s bags. We do not release individual packets to team members. We do encourage all members of a relay team to visit the Expo and enjoy the experience as a team, if possible.

What if I didn’t get my email confirmation with race number or want to confirm my race entry?
If you get to the Expo and do not have your race number, stop by the “Look Up my Number” table to do so.

Can I transfer to another distance on the Marathon Weekend before race day?
Yes, just call our office and we can complete the transfer for you. Please keep in mind if you are transferring to a race that has a higher entry fee cost, you will be responsible for the additional cost. For example if you registered for the 5K and now want to participate in the half marathon, you would incur additional entry fee costs. No partial refunds are provided if you transfer to a race with a lower entry fee. In addition, a transfer can only be made if space is still available in the race.

Do you offer a military entry fee discount?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount for all active duty, reserve, veterans and guard members for the marathon, half marathon, 7K and 5K races. To receive the discount code for the military program, please email us at info@gostlouis.org or call 314-727-0800.

What is the weather like on race day?
Anyone who is a resident of the St. Louis region knows how unpredictable the weather can be on race day. The average start temp in early April is in the low to mid 40’s, with afternoon highs in the mid to upper 60’s.

What is a corral/wave start?
We assign participants a corral (A, B, C, D, E, etc.) based on their predicted finish time, which was requested during the registration process. On race day we have large corral signs that correspond with the letter on your race bib, this is where you line up for the race. To ease congestion at the start we release the corrals in waves, which are generally a minute or two apart.

Can I change corrals to run with a friend if we are assigned different corrals?
Yes, you may elect to a start in a lower corral with your friend, but you cannot go to a higher corral. For example if you are in corral B, you may go back to C or D, but cannot go to the A corral.

Can I adjust my estimated finish time after I have registered?
No, due to administrative reasons, it is not feasible for us to adjust estimated finish times for participants. We are happy that your training is going so well that you will now finish ahead of your original estimated time, but remember that your timing chip does not start until you cross the start line. With the wave start system it should allow for you to begin your race at the desired pace.

Do you have any course time limit rules?
The marathon course route re-opens to traffic at a rolling schedule according to a 6.5-hour marathon pace or (14:52 minutes per mile). Marathoners and Half Marathoners must maintain a 14:52 minute per mile pace throughout the race. The time limit rules will be strictly enforced. There will be a pace leader leading a 6 hour 30 minute marathon pace or 3 hour 15 minute half marathon pace (14:52 minutes per mile). The time limit will begin when the 6:30 marathon pace group crosses the start line after the start of the race.  Anyone who falls behind the last pacer, leading 14:52 min/mile must get into the sag wagon and be transported to the finish, or move to the sidewalk and obey all traffic signals.

Any Marathon or Marathon Relay participant who falls behind the pace (behind the 6:30 pace group) prior to the Half Marathon turn to the finish at Market and 18th St, will be required to finish with the Half Marathon. Any marathoner, who turns at the half marathon split and completes the half marathon, will receive finish line amenities (food, water, medical assistance if needed). After the half marathon turn to the finish, course support (police, course monitors, and water stations) will not be available to marathoners or marathon relay teams who fall behind the 14:52 minute per mile pace. Anyone who falls behind the pace must get in the sag wagon and will be transported to the finish line, or move to the sidewalk and obey all traffic signals. Marathoners who only complete the Half Marathon will not be eligible for overall or age group awards. For a more detailed list of rules and regulations, please call 314-727-0800.

How do you capture my finish time?
Your official race bib has two timing strips on the back, so do not remove these strips. Once you cross the start line your timing strip activates, and will not stop until you cross the finish line. In addition, we will have various timing mats on the course to capture your progress along the way. Athletes vying for prize money will be judged on gun time, while age group awards will be issued based upon tag (chip) time.

Do you allow participants to walk in the races?
Absolutely, we love walkers, but we ask that you indicate when registering that your plan to walk and that you agree to the time limit rules (14:52 per mile pace). Each year, we have hundreds of participants that have an enjoyable experience by walking in the race.

Do you allow participants to use headphones, phones, iPods, etc.?
Although we do not restrict such devices, we strongly discourage the use for safety reasons. If you make a decision to wear a music-playing device during the race, please keep it at a low level so you can hear special instructions from course officials or emergency vehicles.

I love to run with my dog, may I bring him or her to run with me?
No. We love our pets too, but for safety reasons pets are not allowed on the course at any time. Participants that compete with a pet will immediately be escorted off the course and disqualified.

Can I bike, rollerblade, roller skate, skateboard, etc. on the course?
No, we do not allow any “wheels” on the race course for safety reasons, other than approved wheelchair participants, emergency personnel or race officials . The use of “wheels” will result in a disqualification.

Can I participate in a wheelchair?
Yes, we do permit race competitive wheelchairs in the marathon race only. All wheelchair participants must register as such and wear a helmet at all times. We do not allow hand-crank chairs to participate in any race. Wheelchair participants start the marathon a few minutes prior to the elite division start.

I’m a disabled athlete, can I participate?
Yes, we will make every effort to provide a safe race experience for athletes of all abilities. If you are a disabled athlete and would like to compete, please call our race director (314) 727-0800, to ensure we can accommodate any special requirements.

Can I run or walk with a baby jogger or stroller?
No, we do not allow baby joggers or strollers in the marathon, half marathon or marathon relay race for safety reasons. Participants will be escorted off the course and disqualified. We do allow baby joggers or strollers in the 5K race, which takes place on Saturday, April 8 in Forest Park.

Do you offer Gear Check?
Yes, race morning Gear Check is offered starting at 5:30 am. Participants may only re-use the “Clear” plastic bag they received at the Expo. Simply tear off the Gear Check tag from your race bib and affix it with the small tie provided to you at the Expo. Your official race bib number is also your gear check number. We discourage you from placing valuables in the gear check bags. For security reasons we will not accept backpacks, luggage or any large bags. All personal items must be placed in a clear bag, where contents are visible. No exceptions.  

Where can my family and friends watch the race?
We have designated areas throughout the course that make great viewing options for spectators. We encourage you to read the spectator information in your Race Program, which will provide possible viewing locations. The start of the race is a great place to observe 15,000 participants beginning their journey, while Metrolink stations along the route provide a great way to view from multiple locations. Also, we have a Family Reunion Area at the finish line, complete with alphabetical signs (If your last name is Smith, you stand near the “S” sign) that make it an easy way to reconnect with family and friends.

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