“Many of our students were motivated by the perseverance and discipline of those participating this year. One of our 8th Graders participated and finished the program all by herself. She was a beautiful example of self-motivation. One of our 3rd Graders participated for the first time this year and said; “I am not sure if I could do this, but I did, and I am really proud of myself.”
– Principal- Holy Spirit School
“I have a student that is not very coordinated.  He physically struggles with most sports or physical activities we do in PE in comparison to children his age to the point that he acts silly to get laughs on purpose so others won’t tease or make fun of him.  I was pleasantly shocked when he signed up to do this.  I hate to admit this, but I was very doubtful that he would follow through with all three challenges and especially go to race day as he was always the first to give up in our pacer run or warm up runs in class.  I am happy to say that he completed every thing and even came to race day.  And for once in his life, he can say or know in his heart that he was able to accomplish something very difficult to do physically, mentally, and within your heart that many students did not. I know he will remember this the rest of his life, and I expect it will affect how he looks at himself from now on and look forward to seeing how it will affect him in PE class.  I’ll be able to bring it up often as incentive to keep him trying his best and letting him know how proud I am of him.”
– Physical Education Teacher- John Weldon Elementary
“Thanks to you and everyone who helped with this unbelievable, awesome activity both from me, him,  the parents of every child involved, and from my whole marathon team- thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!  We can only imagine the time, effort, and hard work that you have put into this project!  We appreciate it so much!  You have really made a difference in the lives of the children, their parents, and their coordinators!  Keep up the GREAT job!”
– Physical Education Teacher, John Weldon Elementary
“We have the students wear their shirts and medals to school the day after.  We make a big deal out of it.  We congratulate the students in front of their class and take their picture.  They have an invaluable look of pride for their accomplishment.  They deserve to be proud- it is quite an accomplishment.”
– Physical Education Teacher- Sappington Elementary
“From the first time I inquired about the program until this morning, it seemed as though the marathon staff was truly concerned with how Jacob and I were doing with the entire process. Jacob is a big reader, and when it comes to exercising, not so interested.  He put in every mile (and then some), did every good deed (which he wasn’t too thrilled with either), and stayed up a little late reading every night since October.  He was SO excited to finish this last mile! I just wanted you to know that we saw your vision today.  It was beautiful!!!  It was well-organized and more memorable than we ever thought possible.”
– Parent – St. Louis
“I have a Middle Schooler who is very over-weight and has super low self-esteem, maybe in result to her weight.  The miles we ran on Wednesday inspired her to become more fit so she could keep up with her friends.  She joined the school basketball team and is now in our tennis program.  The RR&R program inspired her to become more athletic and has resulted in her trying new sports outside of school.”
– Physical Education Teacher- Central Institue for the Deaf
“I had a couple students who could not complete a mile without walking a good part of it.  By March, they were running the entire mile.  The change in their attitudes about exercise was awesome!”
– Physical Education Teacher- St. Alban Roe School
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