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Program Overview

middle-school-milers-logo_longGO! St. Louis Middle School Milers was created to meet the needs of students in grades 6 – 8, who are at an in-between period where fitness can have a big impact on not just their physical health, but their overall outlook. Many schools may not have a developed sports program but a running/walking enrichment program may provide an energy outlet for students. As a pilot program, approximately 20 schools will be invited for the 2013 -2014 school.

Program Description

MSMStudents will follow a 9 week training program with a goal of running/walking the GO! St. Louis 5K on April 5, 2014. In addition to developing physical fitness skills, a nutrition component will be introduced to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Students will maintain a log and they will record their 1 mile times so that they can monitor their progress. Further, students will participate in a school/community service project.

We encourage these students to challenge their parents to train with their son/daughter and to commit in joining them in the 5K event. Often times, it is the child who inspires their parents to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Program Details

•    Registration Process will begin in November or December 2013.
•    Training Programs begin February 3, 2014 for 9 weeks until 5K race day – April 5, 2014.
•    All students will be officially timed and will receive a special race shirt, bib and medal upon completion.

For more information, contact Nancy Lieberman at or call 314-727-0800.