I’m going to keep this post short and sweet today. I am a very independent person. However, I think that can be a weakness if one does not know when to compromise. I have learned that when it comes to something that you may not know too much about, but are diving in head first, that’s a GREAT time to set your pride aside and compromise. Ask for help. Marathon running is not just an accomplishment, it’s a sport. Both men and women have been accomplishing and competing in distance running for decades, if not centuries. As you know, I am training for my very FIRST full marathon. I know that I am not alone in this venture, and that many of you will be accomplishing a new distance at the GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend on April 6. That being said, ASK FOR HELP!

I’ve said over and over now that it is important to do your research. However, you cannot learn everything that you need to learn about running, gear, nutrition, training, etc. all from the computer. Sure, the internet can tell you a marathoner’s experience and what they used. But it cannot talk back to you when you want to go over YOUR body and how it has been reacting. This is something that has become very instrumental in my training. If you need help, there are amazing running companies spread all across St. Louis with employees who are likewise runners, ready and willing to help. In fact, through my experience, they LOVE to help and/or share their knowledge with anyone and everyone about running and what comes with it (even if you do spend an hour asking every question you can possibly think of J).

It is vital that you perform the necessary research to help your mind and body accomplish this task, but it’s also important to go to a local store and spend some one on one time discussing with professionals what is happening with you specifically and trying to find a reasonable solution to the problem! I know that in the past few years, an amazing company like Big River Running Company has given me the true support and knowledge I’ve needed to accomplish the feat I have set for myself. If you are having cramps, getting sick to your stomach with a certain gel, have questions about foam rolling, etc. go to one of their four local stores and ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone!

Happy Running! A little over a month left, get excited!