As the leaves start to fall to the ground and the weather temps turn colder, it can be easy to skip workouts over the next few months. Throw in all of those holiday feasts and parties, and you will not be happy come Spring if you haven’t stayed motivated towards your fitness goals. Here are a few things to consider to keep you going in the right direction.

1. Sign up for a winter race now (Southern states offer January and February races) to keep you motivated to get in your miles. Also, the GO! Marathon Weekend is in early April this year, so marathon or half marathon training can start at any time.

2. Find a running partner and schedule regular weekly runs. It’s harder to skip a workout if someone else is depending on your participation. If you can’t find a partner, consider attending a group run through a running store or an organization. Big River Running offers free group runs at all of their four stores, which is a great way to meet fellow runners.  Also, the St. Louis Track Club has a Frostbite Series that is very popular. If you do not live in the St. Louis metro region, call your local running store or running club and ask if they have organized group runs.

3. If its just too cold for you outside, consider joining a health club or fitness facility to stay fit. The treadmill, while not popular for some can be a great option. Also, the winter months can be a great time to focus on strengthening your core, which will help once you decide to hit the pavement again.

Good luck with your training!