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Runners of St. Louis Featured Runner: Tara Cassidy

There’s nothing like some home-town inspiration to get us really excited about being healthy! We asked Tara Cassidy a few questions last week and are so proud to share her truly inspiring journey to confidence and health with all of you.

Where are you from?
Although I currently reside in St. Charles, I’m originally from Murphysboro, Illinois.
What do you do?
I’ve been an in-home daycare provider for 10 years.
Who are your biggest supporters?
Hands down, my biggest supporters are my husband John, my 15-year-old Dustin, my 13-year-old Dorothy, my 9-year-old Liam, my 6-year-old Maggie and my adult stepson John. I also have a large […]

January 28th, 2015||

GO! for a Cause Featured Charity: Isaac’s Rays of Hope

This week’s GO! for a Cause featured charity is Isaac’s Rays of Hope, a nonprofit with the mission of providing hope to children and families affected by childhood cancer.

Isaac’s Rays of Hope provides this hope in many forms. The organization provides children and teens undergoing cancer treatments with care packages and fun, positive distractions. Isaac’s Rays of Hope also works to ease the financial and emotional stress that childhood cancer imposes on entire families.

The path that led to Isaac’s Rays of Hope goes back eight years. When David and Lisa Wargo’s fourth son, Isaac, was diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma at […]

January 23rd, 2015||

12 Weeks to 13.1

If you can walk a mile, you can do a half marathon. We mean it.

We’re 12 weeks away from the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon in April, and we have the training plans to get you ready.

Participants must maintain at least a 14:52 per mile pace through nine miles, so even if you’re not an experienced racer, or prefer walking to running, you can still participate in the fun and excitement of this inspiring event!

Ready to get started? Check out the half marathon 12-week training plan for beginners below, which starts at — you guessed it — just one mile!

January 19th, 2015||

12 Weeks until Race Day!

Attention all GO! St. Louis runners: today, we are officially 12 weeks from the Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend! If you’re planning on running the GO! St. Louis Half Marathon and haven’t started training just yet, now is the time. There are so many ways to train, and we thought that the 12 week mark would be a great time to share.

If you prefer to train independently, there are tons of training schedules out there on the web. Here at GO! St. Louis, we have our own training plans for a number of races, including the half marathon, for beginner […]

January 18th, 2015||

GO! for a Cause Featured Charity: DOORWAYS

GO! St. Louis is proud to present DOORWAYS, an exceptional organization participating as an official GO! for a Cause charity for the first time ever in this year’s Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend.

DOORWAYS is a St. Louis non-profit dedicated to providing secure, affordable housing to those affected by HIV/AIDS in and around St. Louis. DOORWAYS is currently serving over 600 adults and 300 children each month, providing everything from safe housing and medical services to financial literacy training and vocational rehabilitation.

“It all boils down to hope,” says DOORWAYS President & CEO Opal M. Jones. “We are here to give our clients the […]

January 16th, 2015||

GO! St. Louis Winter Warriors selfies are here!

This weekend, we asked our dedicated Runners of St. Louis to share their cold weather runs with us in the form of selfies. We want to give a huge thank you to all who participated—you are all true GO! St. Louis Winter Warriors!

It’s so encouraging to see our runners continuing to train despite tough weather conditions. Our Winter Warriors are proof that when you get yourself going (and bundle up), you can do anything! We’ve put together a collage of your Winter Warriors selfies so everybody can see and be inspired! Some of our Warriors covered up with scarves and hats while some just let their […]

January 12th, 2015||
Director of Race Management Brian Lyons

Runners of St. Louis – GO! Winter Warriors

It’s been a chilly 2015 so far, but we know that our dedicated GO! St. Louis runners haven’t given up on their training plans. This weekend, we’re calling all GO! St. Louis Winter Warriors to bundle up and hit their favorite trails—but not before snapping a few selfies!

We want to see how you’ve been braving these frigid January temperatures to keep up with your GO! St. Louis race training schedules. And we hope you’re doing it all with a big smile the way our own Director of Race Management Brian has been!

Share your GO! St. Louis Winter Warriors selfie on our Facebook […]

January 10th, 2015||