Everything you need to know about the GO! St. Louis Marathon Relay

The GO! St. Louis Marathon Relay might be the perfect way for you to participate in Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend without the months of training required to safely complete a Half or Full Marathon!

The Marathon Relay gives runners the opportunity to participate in a long distance race with their friends. The 2015 Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend is just around the corner, but it’s not too late for you to put together a team and compete in the Relay!

The Marathon Relay is divided into four legs, the distances of which add up to 26.2 miles—the distance of a full marathon! Each […]

March 24th, 2015||
Go! St. Louis Family Fun

GO! St. Louis Founder Nancy Lieberman talks Youth Fitness

GO! St. Louis is known for putting on huge races around St. Louis, but it’s also known for its programs aimed at promoting health and wellness in children and teenagers. So when you register for a race, remember that you’re doing more than just that—you’re supporting the kids of St. Louis! Nancy Lieberman, GO! St. Louis Founder and President, answers a few questions about these programs and tells us why they’re so important to her.
Has youth fitness advocacy always been the goal of GO! St. Louis?
GO! St. Louis®, a local non-profit organization, encourages individuals and families in the St. Louis […]

March 18th, 2015||
Go! St. Louis Full & Half

Tip of the Week: Injury Prevention and Treatment brought to you by St. Louis Injury and Rehabilitation Center

We had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Bill Cragg of the St. Louis Injury and Rehabilitation Center. He shared some of his injury prevention and treatment tips with us.

First, we think our runners should know a little about the St. Louis Injury and Rehabilitation Center (SLIR). SLIR is uses chiropractic care to treat their patients’ injuries. Athletes, like runners, are especially prone to finding themselves with the types of treatable injuries that SLIR and Dr. Cragg specialize in.

SLIR has been a crucial partner of GO! St. Louis. If you’ve ever participated in Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend before, you’ve […]

March 16th, 2015||
Rae after completing her 99th Marathon.

Runners of St. Louis: Rae’s 100th Marathon

We had the privilege of Interviewing our good friend Rae, who will run her 100th Marathon with GO! St. Louis on April 12th!

GO!: Where are you from?

Rae: I was born and raised here in St. Louis.

GO!: What do you do now?

Rae: I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer at UMSL. This is actually my retirement job. I spent 30 years in public education.

GO!: When did you start running?

Rae: I always enjoyed running, even back in grade school. I’m actually still the record holder for the 50-yard dash at my (now closed) grade school! When I was turning 30, I was […]

March 13th, 2015||
Go! St. Louis Family Fun

Become a GO! St. Louis Volunteer Today!

You may have noticed that we’ve been dedicating a lot of effort to runner recruitment. And we have, because there wouldn’t be a GO! St. Louis race without runners to participate. However, an equally important part of the GO! St. Louis races is our crew of volunteers!
Our volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring that the races go smoothly. They support us in a variety of roles, from keeping runners hydrated at water, gatorade and Gu stations to making sure everybody knows where to be by providing directions and assistance. 
For our GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Weekend every year, […]

March 10th, 2015||
Today, at 155 pounds.

Runners of St. Louis Featured Runner: Stephen Lee

By Stephen Lee

My name is Stephen. I’m 43 years old and originally from Sarasota, FL. My children and I moved to Missouri almost 8 years ago when my company moved.

Up until about a year ago I was in bad shape physically (and mentally, if I’m being honest). I am 5′ 7” and was 215 pounds. In February of 2014 I was in my office and feeling like I was going to pass out. A longtime coworker and friend came in and asked if I was okay. Of course I pulled the “I’m Fine” routine. Thankfully she said no you are […]

March 6th, 2015||

Stupp Bridge Company Presents the Bridge Challenge 3.5

As part of our efforts to make our 15th anniversary Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend as exciting as possible for our loyal runners, we’re introducing a very special “race within a race” to this year’s Marathon and Half Marathon runners!

Presented by Stupp Bridge Company, the Bridge Challenge 3.5 will be a fun opportunity to compete for a special prize.

The Challenge spans 3.5 miles, starting at the entrance to the Eads Bridge and ending after crossing the MLK Bridge. It’s open to all Half and Full Marathon participants! Each participant will receive a separate time on this portion of the course.

Participants who finish in the top […]

March 4th, 2015||