Definition of Finish Line Feeling:  That euphoric rush of happiness you experience after reaching the end of a race, journey or personal challenge. It can be quick or last a lifetime, but once you have experienced it, you want more.

Today we launch our new Blog – Finish Line Feeling, which in full disclosure is our second attempt at blogging. The first half-hearted try ended when the staff (not to mention names – Mona) over here on Hunter Avenue couldn’t find the time or topics to keep it running. At least that’s the excuse we’re going with.

This time things are different – We have a brand-spanking-new website, lots of ways for us to connect to our peeps socially, and we can only send out so many email newsletters about what’s happening in our world, so a new blog is here.

Here’s what to expect this time around – We plan to use a host of guest bloggers that will provide relevant insights on all things health and fitness, while hopefully inspiring a generation of followers to join the movement to get and stay healthy.  From fitness tips, healthy recipes, nutrition news, inspiring personal stories to the latest GO! St. Louis happenings, we hope you will make it a regular read.